The Sounds Of The Arch #1

30 Jun 17

The Sounds of the Arch is a series of collisions of the noise and smell of the evolving Plastic Research Laboratory with the finest belgium musical scene. An encounter which metamorphosis the living support structure of the Arch into an unpredictable and resonant reunion.

On this evening “TG Gondard” and “Jesus Is My Son” will transform the first gathering of “The Sounds Of The Arch” to an interesting cross-genre musical landscapes.

Brussels-based French producer TG Gondard (of Colombey and Pizza Noise Mafia fame) specialises in the kind of lo-fi and R’n’B pop songs that’d leave any new romantic yearning for more.

Jesus Is My Son is the solo project of guitarist Grégory Duby. Original works of Jesus is my son contain elements of minimalism, folk music, drone and 20th century classical music, as well as compositions based on blues, oriental and medieval music. Aspiring to create melancholic and naked music, Grégory Duby’s influences range from Erik Satie to Morton Feldman via Popol Vuh and Lorren Connors.


Thanks to Lexidisques for the great collaboration.